Team America

Last month I described how Intelligent Hack grew from a personal project to a real company when we hired our first two "valued associates" Oded and Mariusz. That happened in January, but of course, we could not stand still, and by July, we had to hire two entire teams to cover the work we needed to deliver.

Today I want to introduce our first engineering team: Team America! I'm not sure they like that name, but naming stuff is hard. Here they are.

Uri is from Paraguay, and he is our resident computer networks professor, with a decade of experience in co-tutoring thesis and publishing papers. He has a blog focused on technological innovation and education, management, crypto, and trading. He has the strange particularity of preferring used books over new or electronic ones.

Jean is a developer and computer engineering student from Brazil. Jean has interests in graphics libraries and emulators. He likes to play video games in his free time, listen to music, and play the keyboard.

Gabriel is an Argentinian developer. In more than eight years of experience in the field, he engineered large projects for Galicia bank and the Argentinian Justice Department, among other companies. Currently, he lives in Buenos Aires, where he enjoys reading, traveling, running, and playing board games.

Alisson is a Brazilian full-stack developer and system administrator always learning new technologies and passionate about elegant code, beautiful server organization, and pepperoni pizza. Of himself, he says he's "going to infinity and beyond to achieve my goals and always seek continuous improvement."

Team America

Please join me in welcoming them to Intelligent Hack: I'm looking forward to their future extraordinary achievements. Welcome, Team America, and welcome, valued associates Alisson, Jean, Uri and Gabriel!

Hi, I'm Marco Cecconi. I am the founder of Intelligent Hack, developer, hacker, blogger, conference lecturer. Bio: ex Stack Overflow core team, ex Toptal EM.

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