Welcome valued associates Oded and Mariusz!

In December, I shut down my previous startup Badgie because, in large part, my consultancy business was booming. I had no time to dedicate to a product, and it made no sense to continue, so I pulled the plug.

I have not been idle since then: Intelligent Hack has become a thriving company, and we are growing fast. We have been growing so fast I barely had the time to adapt to the changes, let alone blog about what was happening. Well, let me fill you in!

What we do

Intelligent Hack is a consultancy company that helps startups and small/medium businesses grow and scale. We help your company improve, whether it's a matter of software quality, development process, or simply scale.

There are many practices that many software development companies or departments say or know they should do, but for some reason, find hard to get done: implementing agile; becoming remote-first or remote-only; implementing continuous integration, delivery, and deployment; hiring good candidates fast; creating high performing teams; dealing with scale and performance; adopting a DevOps/SRE mindset; rearchitecting to services and cloud-native.

We have years of experience as developers, managers, product owners, and international thought leaders in the field -- and most importantly, a track record of succeeding and getting this kind of stuff done.

I don't want this blog post to become a spot for the company though: read more on our website.

Our heroes

The company existed for a long time as it was my personal "vanity" company when working remotely for Toptal. After that experience, I decided to make it a more general consultancy, and so I kept it. Now -- I can say we became a proper real company at the beginning of the year when I hired my two first "valued associates," Oded Coster and Mariusz Wyrozebski.

Oded Coster has vast experience across many different sectors and organizations, having worked as a professional consultant and software engineer for over two decades. A prolific contributor to Stack Overflow, the site where programmers go to get answers, he is an expert in C#, the .NET platform, and all aspects of web development. An approachable chap, he brings a pragmatic approach to organizational change – he is particularly interested in simplifying and improving the full software life cycle to produce the right solutions faster and with higher quality while making developer lives better.

At Intelligent Hack, Oded is our leading development and architecture expert.

Mariusz Wyrozebski is an experienced software engineer that has been working with multiple international startups in the past. He has been working remotely since 2010, and he specialized in Ruby on Rails applications. He's been working on many projects, most notably at Toptal, a fully remote company that only hires the top 3% of talent. Over the years, he has worked in many positions starting from software developer to owner of an outsourcing company.

Mariusz is our resident product manager and DevOps specialist.

Please join me in welcoming them to the company. Great people will do great things!

If you are interested in having experts of this kind help your business, my company Intelligent Hack offers this service. We can use company retrospectives and a few other tools to identify and correct company-wide and department-wide issues quickly. We are experts in affecting change and implementing agile methodologies, better software architecture, and scaling legacy software so you can concentrate on maximizing growth for your company instead of worrying about how to support it. Feel free to contact us if you want to have a chat at [email protected].

Hi, I'm Marco Cecconi. I am the founder of Intelligent Hack, developer, hacker, blogger, conference lecturer. Bio: ex Stack Overflow core team, ex Toptal EM.

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