There are three conferences I'll be speaking at this year. I'm seriously trying to do as few conferences as possible, but I really wanted to speak at these. If you'd like to chat about code and development, drink a beer or eat a pizza: I'm game.

Here's the amazing 3:


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JDay is one of largest web development conferences in Ukraine (if not the best conference). It's in held in Lviv and last year I had promised to attend but could not make it. So I'm there this year and hopefully it will be a great opportunity to meet Ukraine's stackoverflowers.

where Lviv, Ukraine
when 19 September 2015


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code.talks is a fantastic developer conference in Hamburg. It's usually held in a huge multiscreen cinema and it has the biggest room I've ever spoken in. I've been speaking there since 2013 and every year I find it's a great conference. Also: free nachos (courtesy of Stack Overflow Careers)

where Hamburg, Germany
when 29-30 September 2015


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Øredev is certainly one of my favorite conferences, it is always impeccably organized, it has great speakers and it always has some twist or unexpected guest that makes it much more than a code only meet up. Two years ago, they had Randall Munroe (XKCD), last year Nile Rodgers (a great musician and producer)... who's going to be this year?

where Malmö, Sweden
when 3-6 November 2015

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