I was in Lisbon this week visiting old friends. In exchange for a desk and WI-FI — and potentially some yummy pizza — I have been giving quick talks about the high level architecture of the Stack Exchange network and about our development philosophy: we like fast, really fast code!

The talks were followed by Q&A sessions where I tried to answer the most common questions on Stack Overflow. After all, I do make Q&A for a living...

Here's some of the coolest questions that I've been asked:

  • How do you keep your shareholders happy if you don't do estimates?
  • Do you shard your databases?
  • What kind of agile methodology do you use?
  • Do you assemble your own server racks?
  • You use Trello for snack requests?

Here go the slides, enjoy!

Psst: did I mention we're hiring?

A software engineer & Stack Overflow alumnus in London. I write about software development, coding, architecture and team leadership. I also speak at conferences worldwide.

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